Energy Marketers

Energy Marketers  are persons or entities engaged independently in fuel wholesaling in New England.

Why Join?

You gain access to industry leaders, public policy and decision makers! As astute business people, you seek the maximum return on your time and investments, and NECSEMA shares this goal. NECSEMA is your voice on the state, local and federal level. Our aim is to use our resources to remain ahead of the legislative and regulatory issues that affect everyday business decisions to ensure we retain a healthy and competitive business climate. Our strategy continues to focus on taking the time and effort to educate legislators and regulators about the cost-benefits of any proposal. Legislators know that NECSEMA’s lobbyists and grassroots legislative network will aggressively represent the interests of all its members

Legislative Protection:

NECSEMA’s number one priority is to be your voice on the state, local and the federal level. We keep you informed about the issues affecting your business in New England by engaging with legislators and regulators. NECSEMA has five State Chapters (CT, ME, MA, NH & RI) that represent the industry at the local level at each state capitol. These State Chapters are made up of retail, energy and supplier members who volunteer their time and talents to protect the industry’s key categories and interests. Legislators know that NECSA’s lobbyists and grassroots legislative network will aggressively represent the interests of all its members.

Energy Wholesale Marketer Opportunities:

As an energy marketer member, you will be invited to quarterly meetings of the Wholesale Energy Marketer Division of NECSEMA. These meetings provide you the opportunity to network with your colleagues and associate members and to interact with regulators from each state. In the past we’ve been addressed by the MA Fire Marshall, Commissioner of MA DEP and the regulators from NH DES.

Networking Opportunities:

Key events throughout the year bring together associates, affiliates and wholesalers with retail members to exchange information on topics of mutual concern. Each Fall, NECSEMA holds a beverage summit and its Annual Meeting which includes a Table Top Networking Reception and Dinner. This event is designed to provide vendors, retailers with opportunities for one on one communication, interaction, and education. NECSEMA’S Trade Show is our premier event and a perfect vehicle to establish connections with key vendors in the New England marketplace. Trade Show provides you the opportunity to be the first to see new product introductions, merchandising ideas and increase your bottom line.

* If you are both an Energy Marketer and Retailer you are considered a dual member. Dues are calculated by gallons AND number of stores.  

For application and dues information contact